Home Depot Amorphophallus- species?

hoe_hoe_hoe(6b)June 21, 2006

I bought an Amorphophallus from H.D. today and, unfortunately, it is only labled "Amorphophallus". I imagine Konjac (thats probably wrong but forgive me- I just came in from 90degree heat) is the most commonly found? I will maybe post a picture, but I imagine they are difficult to id. They were $30. The size of the co-dominant leaf stalks would indicate a fairly good sized bulb. Anybody know what variety H.D. is selling?

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I agree, likley konjac and this is easy to ID with a pic of the petiole and plant. For $30 it should be a blooming size tuber to be honest as these should be really cheap. paeoniifolius is also insanely common and pretty easy to ID just from the petiole, although the petioles on this species is much more variable. Good luck with it :o) Dan

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Well, if the bloom pic is to be believed accurate (and I wouldn't assume this for a HD plant) its definitely NOT paeoniifolius. And, the picture of the voodoo doll- YES, a voodoo doll!- was BIGGER than the bloom pic. Anyway, I'll take a picture tomorrow to hopefully settle it.

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Here's a pic!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Looks like good ol' konjac to me. The flower has a dark maroon spathe and even darker spadix that is well above the spathe....the problem with common names...there must be a dozen plants that they call voodoo lily just because it sounds all exotic and mysterious. So just how large was the voodoo doll!! The flower on these is easily 18 inches including the spadix. This is a very easy species to grow and is by far the most common one available in the U.S. You will have no problem with this guy.....best of luck :o) Dan

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Great! Thanks! I was kind of hoping it was Konjac so that I could plant it outside even though I know it it not too unusual and I tend to like strange.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Don't you just love the labels on plants at the box stores?? I frequently find "6 inch tropical" or "exotic tropical" lol
I think we should all get on their website and bombard them with complaints !!lol

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Gary, I find "caladium" on all the alocasias and colocasias I buy there. I don't think it's their fault - they get them labelled that way from the wholesale grower that supplies them, and who knows who that is?


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I do get aggrivated at those tags. You would think that if the grower can take the time to raise the plants they could keep track of their names and pass them on to the consumer.

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Our HD doesn't sell them but I've got to say most of the time the labels are pretty good. They do get a lot from local growerws though so maybe that's the difference. Texas growers label better? LOL!
Good luck with what ever it turns out to be.

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raymikematt(z7b SC)

I saw the same amorphophallus at a local HD yesterday...they had them labled "voodoo lily". And some small heliconia labled "Orange lilies"....LOL!
Michael M.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

The only thing fantastic about the box stores is the price lol if you you look long and hard enough you frequently find something unique at a very reasonable price, The trick is to bring your own knowledge mdon't bother to ask questions and never look for a specific cultivar. if you can't ID it pas it by

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I picked up a Konjac at HD last year; didn't know what it was either but it looked cool and was called a Vodoo Lilly.
It appeared to die in September and didn't come back this spring so I put the pot under a table in the back of the garden for surplus soil.
I went to get some just 2 weeks ago and noticed a 12 inch stem growing from the pot and put it back in my greenhouse.
I decided to look up the plant on the internet and now know about its growing habits.
I can't wait to see if it flowers next year.
HD is good for the occasional unique item and bargain prices.
I grow Bonsai, many from sapling and was surprised to find some really good fully grown specimens for $15.00 that would have cost $40 - $60 from a Bonsai nursery.

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