viscosum azaleas and water

jimandanne_mi(SE MI z5)April 28, 2011

I'm confused!

The directions on the "Lemon Drop" and "Pink & Sweet" plants I'm considering buying say, "Plant in moist, well-drained soil." But since the other name for these is "Swamp Azalea", I assume that means I can plant them in an area that sometimes has water in it. I'd like to plant several of these near a small seasonal pond that often almost dries up during a hot dry summer. As the water recedes, ferns grow and cover the area where the water was. Next to this ferny area is an additional area that is wet and sort of mushy in the spring, but not visibly under water. It also will have ferns growing naturally, and is where I'd plant the viscosum azaleas.

This certainly isn't well drained, but they're swamp azaleas! OK, or not??? Anyone with any experience with these?



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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Viscusum is the swamp azalea. It grows near water and will withstand seasonal flooding, but not constant water.

Weston's Lemon Drop is part viscosum, but not pure R. viscosum so don't assume it will be as tolerant of moist locations as viscosum.

Pink and Sweet is NOT part viscosum, but is an arborescens hybrid. R. arborescens can withstand some seasonal moisture also.

I would plant both of them on a raised bed so they get good drainage, but not directly in the muck.

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jimandanne_mi(SE MI z5)

rhodyman, thank you for the info--just what I was looking for!

My main local nursery has them both listed as r. viscosum, so I guess that's why I was confused with the information I'd found when I researched them.

In another article (from Fine Gardening), it says these azaleas "thrive in damp soil in full sun", and then further on says, "Light--full shade only". It's difficult to know what's really correct, with so many sources out there, especially when a supposedly reliable one contradicts itself.


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