Alocasia cucullata - Buddha's Hand

espor(z5 PA)June 21, 2012

Anyone growing this alocasia? I would like to know how you are growing it (inside or out) and how you have been overwintering it. I have had mine in a 6" pot since 2005 and it has made numerous pups that I would like to separate. Can I plant it in the ground like a 'normal' elephant ear and then dig it up and pot it for winter? Please let me know your procedure.


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Mine grows outside all year so I can't advise on overwintering. But one thing I found with it is that it likes a lot of water. When it was kept on the dry side it didn't do much. Later I moved the pot into water, on the edge of a pond. The water was about a third of the way up the pot. The plant just rocketed off after that. It's big and looks really great. I thought most Alocasias didn't like too much water but this is definitely one that does.

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espor(z5 PA)

Thanks for the reply. I think I will put one of my pots at the edge of the pond and see what happens. I have kept mine on the dry side all it's life and it has stayed small, less than 1'. When I bought the plant I wanted to bonsai it but then that fell by the wayside. Now I just want to grow healthy plants around the yard and let them grow to their full potential.

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espor(z5 PA)

Upadate July 13 - the one pot that I put at the edge of the pond is doing very well. It has a new leaf and a new pup. Nice and green and strong looking. The other pots are being kept on the moist side. When they start to dry out I water. They also are starting to grow.

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Good to hear. They definitely like a good water supply.

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