Giving up on Callas??What to do...

mbfirey(8)June 4, 2012

I have a problem with callas in my yard- within a week of getting them in the ground they start to rot. It's always happened with actively growing plants not bulbs. I have some that have survived they are mostly white/pink, but every time I try a dark flowering variety- they start to rot off at the stems within a week or 2.

Is this Soft rot, and can anything ever be done?

It doesn't matter if where in my yard I try, I have the same results.

I suspected soft rot, so I've tried with container with potting mix and it happened there too...the only "contamination" might have been that I shoveled the soil out with a older empty pot.

I really like callas but I don't care to waste more money if they are destined to die almost immediately...

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are you over watering?

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One heavy watering when planted... a little rain since then, but almost immediate (a week or less) rotting at stem edges...

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