Sick Azalea?

kayam737(5)April 5, 2014

We have an Azalea off of our front porch which my husband and I transplanted 5 years ago when we moved here. It has tripled in size and every May the entire plant is covered in Fire Red blossoms. After this past wicked winter this is what the plant looks like. When I scrape a stem it is green underneath. Can I save this Azalea?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Only time will tell.

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If is is green, it should push out new leaves as the weather warms. The new growth will push the damaged leaves off so you shouldn't have to do anything to it.


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My azalea looks the same --- also very harsh winter. I hope it isn't dead. Noticed my neighbor's look the same.

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Sorry to say I have never seen an azalea with foliage that was so uniformly brown and dry still be alive. I wouldn't hold out much hope. Typically evergreen plants require some remaining green foliage on them to survive - no green equals dead plant.

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.My encore azaleas were brown and as weather warmed up they put new growth and the flower buds began to turn link and I had some blooms. Basically what I'm saying is to wait. Your in Pennsylvania which means you have a few weeks to wait for an expected bloom and flush of growth. If you find out they're dead just buy some new azaleas they dont cost much

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How'd your azalea do? did it green up and bounce back?

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I have a full azalea bush. The buds - although plentiful - have failed to open this year; they are sticky and feel weird. There is some type of growth on the bark of the bush. Some of my other azaleas have white stuff on the bark and have died.

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