What color azaleas with Jap. maple & pink dogwood?

lceh(7)April 23, 2007

When we bought our house we inherited a big, gorgeous Japanese maple with burgundy foliage; a large pink dogwood; and hot pink azaleas, all in the front yard. When they're all going at once in the spring they clash like crazy. I'm planning to move the hot pink azaleas to the back yard, but I'd like some azaleas in the front yard too, just in a color that complements rather than clashes with the burgundy and dogwood-pink. I'm thinking maybe a pale blush pink? Or a pale pink with a white throat? (I don't like white because they look so awful when the blooms die.) If anyone can recommend a big, not-finicky, evergreen azalea that you think might work, please let me know!

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Can't go wrong with white.

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