Philodendron ID/leaves wilting

shade131June 22, 2010


I bought the plant below ( was nearly certain it was a philo. but I haven't been able to match it with a species) this weekend. I potted into slightly larger pot in a peat/bark fines/perlite mix that has worked well for virtually everything. It's a variation on "Al's mix" which I imagine many of you are familiar with. Anyway, does anyone care to venture a guess as to what this plant is? Second, why several of the leaf tips are floppy and wilting. It has been in a north facing window with some help from a wonderlite about 3 ft away. My only guess is overwatering, but that seems really unlikely given relatively small pot and the fact that I've only had it 3 days. Would really appreciate any help, I love the plant!

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lariann(z10 FL)

Your plant is Alocasia lauterbachiana, a plant that used to be known as Xenophya lauterbachiana. I do see what you mean about the wilt, but can only guess at why, although the wilting looks similar to either heat or chilling damage. These plants are very intolerant of cold temperatures (close to freezing or below.

Aroidia Research

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Thanks so much for getting back to me. I was beginning to think it looke dmore like an Alocasia than a philodendron. Being misinformed by the seller didnt help! I am giving it good light and even temperature so I'm hoping the wilting or whatever is just due to being transplanted. Really appreciate the id help!

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