Azaleas in the sun?

slinkyApril 23, 2007


I've got an azalea with yellow flowers that we planted in the full sun (as the tag suggested). Its leaves seem bigger than a regular azalea though- nevertheless, last year it did not bloom at ALL. This year, it has 5 buds, on one branch, ready to bloom- but that is it! no other buds anywhere on the plant?

Also, I wondered if it is okay to have azaleas in full sun or mostly sun. I know they usually need some shade, but there are some in my yard that are in full shade and they look TERRIBLE. This spring I would like to move them into some more light, and I was wondering what might happen to them? They are leggy and the leaves are very, very sparse, so I plan to cut them back after they bloom, too.

thanks for any insight!

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Full sun is defined by the amount of hours of sun that occur in the area. I use 5-6 hours as the definition of full sun in my yard.

That being said, azaleas love full MORNING sun but do not always appreciate afternoon sun, especially the higher the zone. So if you can give them that, they should do well for you.

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