C. fontanessii

dogboy7(Atlanta GA)June 4, 2006

I have this plant growing in a large planter on my deck. It's starting to send runners out of the pot and down to the ground. I have heard that these runners will produce more plants. Should I allow the runners to root on their own, or, can they be removed from the mother plant and then rooted.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

The easiest thing to do might be just to put a pot under the runners and let them root themselves. They're very good at it!

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chris_rex(Vic Aust)

I cut the runners off and using bottom heat obtained a new plant from each node on the runner. To do this I peeled back the sheath to make it easier for the roots to get to soil. So I would suggest you let the runner grow as many nodes as possible, then at the end of summer you can have many many baby plants. Then you just need a cold frame to nurse them through the first winter !

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