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arabianqueen69(Zone 5)April 16, 2009

I recently was given as a birthday gift of a crimson azalea. When i when to transplant it from the pot it was sold into the ground, i totally forgot they are acidic loving plants. Instead of using an acidic type plant food, i used Osmocote (not the acidic one) and didn't realize what i had done until i had finished planting it, by then it was too late it was all mixed into the soil. Sooo my question is do you think this will harm my new azalea?? Is there anything i can do to counteract it. The Osmocote was mixed into the soil at the bottom of the hole i dug with the azalea on top of it. Thanks in advance for your help! :o)

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

First, do you know the approximate ph of your soil there?
If it's too high (alkaline) your azalea isn't going to thrive no matter what kind of fertilizer you used.

If PH isn't an issue, while I wouldn't have recommended fertilizing when planting, a timed release product like you mention shouldn't burn at least. Azaleas, when grown in soils with a ph on the acidic side of neutral, have low nutritional requirements compared to many own are never fertilized but top dressed with compost each Spring. Too much fertilizer is one reason for failure to bloom - the result is foliage instead of flowers.

You say gift and crimson azalea, was this a foil-wrapped florists type plant that you received rather than nursery stock? The florist type azaleas may not be winter hardy in your Zone 5... for answers on how to plant, when to fertilize, how hardy...

Here is a link that might be useful: Azalea FAQs

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arabianqueen69(Zone 5)

Thanks Morz8 for your response. That's good to know that the Osmocote shouldn't harm my new azalea!!! The azalea was bought from a nursery in a pot. I do have another azalea that was already planted when i bought the house 3 years ago and i wanted this new one as a match to this one. The first year i moved in i didn't khow that the azalea even bloomed cause it hadn't been taken care of for a few years, but last year it bloomed like crazy with beautiful dark pink flowers. I'm assuming me putting mulch around it and watering it helped it bloom last year, since it had been neglected for a couple years. So when you asked me what my soil is, to be honest i have no clue LOL but i do know the other azalea has survived there for several years.

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