ZZ leaf propagation

karyn1(7a)June 9, 2007

I potted uo several ZZ leaves (leaflets, not the whole stalk) at least 4 months ago. The base of the leaves developed a kind of bulb type swelling and a good root system but nothing else has happened. The leaves are healthy there's just no growth appearing yet. When should I see some new growth?


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I've been told it can take a year. I started some myself in December, and another set in February, and I'm in the same situation: bulbs, roots, nothing else. (By the way -- not a good idea to disturb the bulbs and roots; it can kill them.)

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Thanks for the info. I knew they were slow but a year is a long wait. lol They are even slower than my clivia seeds! My mature plant is growing much faster than I anticipated. It's put out about 10 new leaves in the past couple months and is starting to push out the sides of it's pot. I haven't messed with the cuttings other than the one time feeling under the soil and finding the bulb and roots. They all still look fine.

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Lucky you. I've had my ZZ since December and it's done nothing. Zero. No new leaves, no dead leaves. It's not as though I'm being mean to it. . . .

I'm hoping the babies are a little more sympathetic to me, whenever they get going.

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

It seems like I always have a Zamioculas leaflet rooted somewhere. They take soooooooo long to send up a shoot, it's always a nice surprise to see it! One I had in a greenhouse took over two years, early 2003 to mid 2005.

Then it finally sprouts, the novelty wears off, and I give it away. Then a little while later I start another one. I've got one now going on 3 months. I've never actually kept a larger mature plant.

I have received rooted leaflets in the mail, from New York, barerooted. Planted with no particular carefulness using a very light mix, they grew just fine. I think with proper care they aren't all that sensitive to disturbance.


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Potted up 2 leaves 2 months ago. Last week I unpotted them to find small tubers on both. I re-potted them in new soil. I'll wait until the spring before I do much more with them.

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Actually if you use a heating mat when yoh propagate zz leaves. U need to keep them very warm. Aim for 84-86F. Within 28 days they will be fully rooted and within 6-8 months u have marketable 4 inch pots!. Its just a misconception they take a very long time only because noone keeps them very warm during propagation. Studies have shown if u keep them at normal room temp (70f) then devolopment can be delayed by one year. Hence y ppl say they take a yr to grow lol. Trust me keep them very warm 84-86f constantly with heat mat and ull see within 6-8 months from first taking leaf cutting ull have a marketable 4 inch pot

And imo... take apical cuttings..where u take a leaf like normal. Then cut it width wise across. U ge twice as many tubers that way on each apical cutting (more surface area in contact with soil). Then u can use the bottom ends like normal for other cuttings so each leaf gives u two cuttings and the apical ones u make gves u 2-3 tubers per leaf not just one like a whole leaf gives u. Give the heat and apical method a try!

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