suitable aroids for terrarium

tropichrisJune 28, 2009

I have a terrarium, 18" h, 24" w, 18"d, and was planning on getting some aroids for it. what aroids would be good for a moist environment? Would anthuriums or small peace lillies be too big???

the light is fairly high; the plants are growing and are not getting leggy. the humidity is about 70-80 (sometimes 90) % and the temperature is about 75-85. the soil is coco-soil (eco-earth) with added fertilizer. for air plants (epiphytes) species, I also have a background made of great-stuff with silicone and coco-soil. i pressesed wood into it. I have some moss growing on a piece of the wood. what aroids would be OK for this terrarium???


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bihai(zone 9)

MOst anthuria and peace lily would be way too big. You could try a creeping anthurium like scandens that you could control by pruning.

There are small growing syngoniums, micro-sized ferns, rhaphodophora sp, marcgravia sp. A creeping aroid like Monstera obliqua, philodendron micans of Burle Marx 'Fantasy' that could be controlled with pruning would also work. Scindapsus picta works well

Bulbophyllum and Pleuruthallid orchids (minis) and mini-dendrobiums work great

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Piptospatha and similar lithophytes works well and they may be found in specialised aquarium outlets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Piptospatha ridleyii

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Alocasia cucullata.

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