Anthurium with double spathe. -Pics-.

emiliasgarden(PR)June 16, 2008

Hello! I just wanted to share with you guys my new Anthurium. It has a red, double spathe that made me fell in love with it. Now i am wondering if this is the characteristic that point to a certain cultivar. Or maybe, is there any species that produces this double spathe?

I found it in a Plant Fair here in Puerto Rico. And it seems like it is a certain variety and not an abnormaly in a specific plant, because, apart from my plant, there was another plant with the same double spathe. Any one can tell me more about this.

Another curious thing is that the bigger spathe is Butterfly-shapped, while the smaller one is more heart-shapped.

Here are the pics:

Any thoughts?

Thank you,

Jorge Joel...

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I bought one the other day for the same reason : )
I have been informed that it is a bit of a trait for these A andreanum hybrids. A few pics..



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Hello Ed! Ohh Yours is very similar to mine, so i guess it has to be an especific hybrid or cultivar. I have never seen this before. The interresting thing here is that i am in Puerto Rico and you are in Australia. I wonder where this hybrid comes.

Jorge Joel...

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Well it has a double calyx too so it looks as if it may have been a spontaneous mutation in the beginning and now is a separate cultivar. (Just guessing.)


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Here are Ed's two photos:

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