topdressing azaleas??

venusruizApril 28, 2009


I just ordered compost from my town that I want to use to topdress my azaleas and around the garden. The town told me the ph range for their compost is the high 7's, for what I have read that's way too alkaline for my azaleas, how do i bring it down? Do I just buy some Sulfur and mix it in before topdressing the azaleas? thanks for your help.


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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

Don't use the compost at all. Not only is it too alkaline, but also very likely way too high in nitrogen - this will produce lots of winter-tender vegetative growth at the expense of bloom. If your plants need fertilizer, use a product such as Holly Tone intended for acid loving plants, then mulch with pine needles, partially decomposed bark, etc.

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