How fast do rhodies grow

civilengr3(6a NE.TN)April 2, 2005

I just purchased a couple of 3-gallon rhododendron (Catawbiense Album & Scintillation) and was wondering how fast they grow in a season. How long to reach a mature height? I am interested in propogating by cuttings but don't know if I'd be sacrificing the mother plant too much by getting cuttings this year or if I should wait a year or two.

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oath5(z6b/7a MD)

Hm, I belive rhodies grown slow and can be kept in a small bushy habbit for some time, azaleas ( from our expierence) grow much faster, two azaleas we planted last May, thank god the cicadas ddn't touch them, they have grown probably and inch, at least to me they look fuller XD, but I do belive it is a fact that rhododendrons grow slowly, I reccomend putting it somewhere where it will have room to grow, cause we have some that are rather large.....

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tadeusz5(z5 il)

Usually 3 gallon containers will have Rhodies that you can take cutting's from-

but you are now into a bud opening session , and flowering, thus I would wait, till October, November, Dec, THEN I would cut some 4 " inch cuttings from this seasons growth- it should be semi-hard by then. Keep in mind to trim only enough cuttings , so that you have some buds , and flowers for next year, and the plant has some new (this years leaves) for future growth.

Good luck

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sdafamily(Z 6- tenn.)

can i take cuttings now as i need to cut buds back

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revey(z7b Van Island)'s to tender right now. Scintillation a midspring bloomer you can actually take cuttings starting in late July and into august. Catawbiense Album a little later. I do a majority of my Rhodo cuttings between July and late october. Quite a few Rhodos are ready earlier then the traditional fall cutting. Check as soon as late july by bending the new growth. If it feels like it will snap easy then it is to soon. As soon as the growth is bendable and hardened abit you can take your cuttings. Doing rhodo cuttings in a home enviroment can be a bit tricky but can be done. Bottom heat and humitidy are most important and try to keep them out of direct light. Some varieties can take months to show a callus. Hope you are successful!

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reddbuffalo(Zone 7 DC)

another way to propogate rhodos are by layering, just take a longer branch and pull it down to the ground, lay some soil over the branch and it will root! i've done this by mistake and then on purpose many times! good luck!

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