Wellspring-anyone have an opion?

coxy(6)June 10, 2013

I ordered some colocasia from Brian earlier in the spring and found that I wanted more. Last night I was looking on ebay and found some very reasonably priced colos at Wellspring. I checked on Dave's Garden Watchdog and they get stellar reviews. Anyone ever ordered from them?

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i have many EE's and bananas from wellspring..
they are generally smallish plants..but there prices are good..so..
shipping was good..packing of plants i was happy with..

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

The one order I made was not what I was expecting, the largest plant had 1 2" long leaf, and was as big as a sharpie at the base, the rest were no bigger around than a #2 pencil at the base...

They were all just plugs from a 72 count plug tray, I'd estimate by the roots they had been repotted from the plug trays and into 3" pots 2 weeks or less before they were shipped.
Many of the sellers of EE are in Florida and simply buy these plug flats from the large tissue culture suppliers down there, they pay less than 2 bucks a plant, and many sellers simply shipp these tiny plugs with the soil rinsed off so u can't see the tiny square of soil it was growing in...

Several never grew after unpacking, several more last a few weeks, not a single one survived winter storage for me...I'm not a novice either, these plants never had a chance...

Needless to say I have not ordered from them since!

I would try emailing potential sellers first, most eBay sellers will hardly give u the time of day... They don't deserve my money, how bout you?
There are a few that will go above and beyond, they aren't too hard to find.

Ask for a pic of the plant they will send, some random growing advice, anything really. You could also be direct enough to ask their source, the plants I sell on there are divisions of my own EE, most are pretty good sized, if the seller claims they are divisions of their plants, you will likely get a much larger plant!
Hope this helps!

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I placed a order with them maybe 15 diff plants. they all vary in size but nothing was very big. Everything is still alive but they are the definition of tender for a very long time. the only thing I did find funny was there free plants..I chose a few and when they arrived I wasnt even sure they were real so so tiny but they were free so can't complain to much. 2 of the 3 free ons are still alive as well but its a slow process. Like stated if I could find a bigger pplant from some places else for a dollar or 2 more id go that way but if you don't mind starting small there a good company

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Oh boy, I guess I should have waited to order. Half the price of Brian's seemed a lot to save so I took a chance. The big issue is that the growing season here is only so long so I wonder if any of them will reach a decent size in a season. I did up my Alocasia but usually treat the Colos as annuals. They do say the size plant you are getting is something like 4-16". Oh well, live and learn.

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I would say 6" is a bit more realistic..I would always go with Brians plants first. there all grown on for a few months before there sold so you know the plant is healthy and has some size on it..really the diff. in 5.99 and 8.00 is alot when you see the plants

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Whew I ordered a lot of plants from him this year since my collection has fallen to almost nothing since I went to college last year.

The smallest plant:
3-4" - Alocasia Gagaena California - it's a small grower anyway it was on clearance but also came with 3 plants in the pot.
The Largest Plant:
about 13-16" Alocasia Sarian, shooting a new leaf as we speak

The free plants I received were on the smaller side, but they're all growing rapidly right now. I did think about ordering some larger specimens, however, when i saw I could get 8 different varieties for the price of two largish ones I decided to place my second order with him.

If you don't mind starting with a small plant and having a decent sized plant at the middle/end of season I would buy from him, if you want a large plant asap I would probably choose another nursery.

Shipping times varied my first order shipped slowly, my last ordered shipped within 2 days should be here at the end of the week.

hope this helps

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I ordered on the 9th and just recv'd an email that my order was shipped so it took a week to even get sent out. Don't mind too much since they are all Colos which don't start growing fast till it's hot and sunny which is only starting to happen here. I'll let you all know how it turns out when I receive them.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I'm gunna keep stepping lightly here, I can't just keep my mouth shut tho. : D
I'm stepping lightly because, I'm obviously talking about my competition...I promise I'm not trying to slam them for the fun of it, nor am I trying to boost my own sales!

Over a week to even process an order!ÿ!


My customers can count on shipping within a few days...
I ship the same day they order if its Monday- Wednesday, otherwise they just have to wait til the following Monday...

I can't help but notice what zone you folks are in, the same as me!
And the same as briansbotanicals too!

It would make ALOT more sense to me to buy a plant that is closer to home, it will be acclimated to your weather better!
There's a huge difference in zone 9-10 and zone 6, it's always easier for the plant if has less changes to adapt to...

I just can't tell you how nice Brian's plants are by comparison...
And he's breeding many of these beauties too!
Not just reselling them! It's his passion!
I always just buy derictly from him at his place, I've never ordered thru the mail, I've only heard good things from those that do tho...

My advice to anyone using eBay to buy EE, to look close, and buy them from Kentucky...
I'll just about garuantee it'll beat the plants coming from Florida!


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It looks like you're in the same zone as i am

I'm in NY and our summer is all mest up anyway, i planted mine in the ground a few weeks ago and they were terribly slow growing...probably because our nights were in the upper 40s 50s and days were rainy cloudy 70s

Now that the temps are picking up 65 nights 80ish but sunny they are throwing out new leaves like crazy, my thai giant looks like it's about to double it's size. I've noticed and heard with most EEs the first leaf in a new location is a little smaller, but after that they begin increasing each leaf by almost twice the size, the only one I'm having rather slow progress is the malay monster because it's only one leaf now O.o

However, I do feed all my EEs on a regular basis probably about once a week too. Which probably aids their growth rates.

Happy Growing -- I may look into Brians Nursery next year, i have already hit EE fever lol, and once i get this order i'll have like 20 varieties.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Also...colocasia do love the heat, but it's been hot here, my colos. have near doubled this week!
I strive to get them in ground the first week in may, they been held back by cold nights near 50 but are rocking now!
Alocasia are more finicky about wanting heat but they can handled some cool too!
If the goal is a big plant, u always want them in ground pronto!

Please do keep us posted on the plants you receive!

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Coxy, I ordered two plants from Wellspring and was extremely happy. They were small, but I knew that when I ordered them - I was looking to save on cost and the plants I purchased grow rapidly - no reason to spend money on larger plants or more expensive shipping. They arrived I think within a week or 10 days - reasonable amount of shipping time. I got my full money's worth and was very pleased with my small but healthy plants.

Carol in Jacksonville

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I received my 8 colos on Friday. They were very small but all alive. I don't want to say anything bad till I see how they do in the next few weeks. I'll post a follow-up.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Make sure it's a very well draining mix until establish its very important they not rot!
I'd use a but if quarter strength fert too!

Good luck

What kinds did I get?

I just got like 8 more species from Brian's!
Anyone in the area, it is so worth the trip!

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7 of the 8 are still alive and growing although they are SO much smaller than Brian's at this stage. Jack's Giant is dead. It only had one leave when I got it and it was broken. I emailed them so we'll see.
You definitely get what you pay for.

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very very true. I go with Brians cus its in my back yard and I can go pick them out myself but also b/c of the money vs quality. all of his plants are very nice and at only 8 bucks its the only place to go..actually need to go back asap.

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