Aroid (and PALM) photos--10 shots

bihai(zone 9)June 22, 2006

I dunno what was going on in there today, the lighting was weird. But it WAS 6:30am. Anyway, here are 10 pics of Rainforest Palms and Aroids.

In order:

Licuala Mapu (rare, variegated)

Salacca Magnifica--my one good leaf (sob)

Darian Palm and C Renda (Red Sealing Wax Palm in container)

Palm Trio: left: Chamaedorea ernestii-augustii

top: Asterogyne martiniana

Right: Arenga hookeriana

Licuala grandis

Licuala distans

Pinangas group shot w/ Var Monstera

Pelagadoxa henryana (rare)

Chambreyonia hookeri (Blond Flame Thrower)

Aloschmidia glabrata

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Thanks for sharing the pix!! fantastic collection you have there.
I recently found a palm list that had P. henryana and Johannesteijsmannia perekensis.I'm so tempted but don't think I have the patients!! Or the room!!
It's easy to see why these are so rare and expensive.

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bihai(zone 9)

I know P. henryana is supposed to be extremely rare, besides the L. mapu, its among my "oldest" greenhouse palms. I got the L. mapu, P. henryana, L. peltata and L. grandis all at about the same time. L. mapu has not grown at all, its virtually identical to what it looked like when I got it. P. henryana has grown a LOT, you can't tell in that photo but its almost 4 ft tall. L. grandis has probably grown the most and fastest of any.

I can tell the difference in some of the palms that I bought from Floribunda in HI already. Those pinangas have all grown well, they have about 2 new leaves each. The new leaves have a reddish cast when they come out. I'd say that those have almost doubled in size already. They are my favorites "at the moment".

I took a photo of my Calyptrocalyx albertisianus red, its putting out a new red leaf, but the pic was blurry. I need to get another.

I am really enjoying my greenhouse more than I ever have. It was a good decision to remove all those large growing heliconias and diversify. Once things (small accent plants) really get going and I get the main paths mulched, I will REALLY be happy! Then I can just piddle in there concentrating more on directing the way things grow and keeping pests controlled and see how things mature and fill in. I have an order of cork bark coming from Tropiflora that I am going to use to mount onto the steel posts to put some more orchids and bromeliads on, and maybe some dischidias and other epiphytes if I can get some cool ones. I have a few Rex Begonias that I need to get planted out in there and I just ordered some nice new ferns from the new Tropiflora Cargo Report.

I found a neat gesneriad vendor..."The Violet Barn", have you ever seen their site? They have some cool stuff....

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Beautiful as always, Bihai. I knew there was something missing from those photos - the heliconias! Gesneriads are lovely, too. I once thought I might be interested in growing these lovelies, but I never got started with them, except for a proverbial AV every now and then. To me, the AVs could be difficult - wanting all that humidity, but not wanting any of it on their foliage! I always thought the Glox's were gorgeous, too. You can't beat a glox in bloom.

Begonias - I really hope to see what you can develop in a begonia with your growing abilities. The Rexes are beautiful - too finicky for my home conditions, but in a greenhouse they should be fantastic. They grow them in lath houses on the west coast, and so many hybrids to choose from. I think you'll be surprised at the number of beautiful rhizomatous ones, also. I love 'Cowardly Lion' for instances, and always have.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Was just going to ask what else you have your eye on lol.
The only gesneriads I have are Episcias which are fantastic but the most cold sensitive plants 50 degrees will send them into a tail spin lol. A good family for me though as they're small and flower prolificly.
Just ordered some bulbs of Pancratium zeylanicum and Proiphys amboinensis. had never heard of either genus.
My so called "orchid palm" Curculigo orchidoides is has done fair outside but does so much better in the shadehouse.
One plant that i'd really like to track down is Captain cookia margaretae. (Don't you love the name?) lol Endemic to New Calidonia and then only in the dry forest.
You can google a pic if you like And tell me of a source lol Thanks for all the palm info gary.

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bihai(zone 9)

I just decided my greenhouse lacked, well, character! When you walked in, you saw a huge green jungle, nothing to catch the eye unless the heliconias were blooming, and they were shading everything else from view after a while.

I kept the ones that were either well placed, or favorites. I kept Criswick, a huge grower with red claws that can get 2 ft tall; Richmond Red, a beautiful bicolor; Sharonii, a dwarf bicolor; Chocolate Dancer, a kinda hard to find unusual bicolor with rust colored and gold blooms, and Yellow Christmas, a dwarf. I still have a bunch in pots, but mostly, that's all I have left from over 40 varieties I grew at one time!!

Gary, you probably have tons of stuff I will never even know about!!! I am jealous!!!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Not really most of what I have is fairly common, When i was working I went before dawn and came home after dark. Not too good for I do have a lot of orchids but mostly Catts,PHals and Dends. Since retiring I've been revamping what I grow and trying to get into the rarer stuff. My favorite are epiphytes and water plants .I completely cleared out the shadehouse and I'm beginning to restock. I thought maybe some of the specie orchids and of course some of the offbeat epi's lol Many of the gesneriad family would be good I think,. but wanted to get the major plants going first. At last i have time to experiment with different growing techniques!! i built a waterfall along the house wall and am attempting to grow a lot of stuff epiphyticly . So far I'm pleased with the results haven't bought a thing yet just cuttings of what I already have.
I would like to expand the shadehouse to include the lily pool so I can have stable temps all winter. if the hurricanes will let me lol.
Thanks for the tip on the Violet Barn for gesneriads I was thing of ordering from Kartuz

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Gary, Kartuz has a lot to choose from, but difficult to order and deal with sometimes. He's been around a long time, in partnership with Patrick Worley for much of that time. Wonder what Patrick is doing now?


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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

Very nice jungle you have there. Is it all in a greenhouse or outdoors?

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I stopped at Kartuz during the bromeliad conference. I wish I could have spent more time there, but they have some nice gesneriads and begonias. They told me they are very busy these days filling all the orders they get. The columneas are nice--try "Carnival".

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