Please help my Peace Lily *sigh*

shenue(z7 MD)June 29, 2007

I have had this peace lily for 6 years and it has always done well. This past week so many of the leaves have started turning yellow. I repotted it last year and this year it went crazy with a blooming period that is just now ending. I gave it some plant food the other day in hopes of stopping the yellowing leaves. I just don't know what's wrong with it and I'm afraid it is going to die. I've checked it for mites or any kind of parasites and I don't see a one. I really don't want to lose this plant. It has great sentimental value to me. Any kind of advice that anyone can give to me would be greatly appreciated.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Not sure I can be of much help as I grow them as yard plants both outside and in a shadehouse. Mine always flower heavily in the spring followed by a lot of yellowing leaves
which are soon replaced by new ones.. This is what always happens.
You've never had this happen before.?? How are the leaves replaced?? gary

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shenue(z7 MD)

Yes I've had leaves turn yellow and die and are replaced. But never this many at one time. It's probably a good 1/3 or more of the leaves doing it all at once. I've just never seen it do it to this extent before. I'm afraid it's going to die. If anyone might have any ideas?? Goodness I sure would appreciate it.

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shenue(z7 MD)

It's looking worse tonight :( This is not good. *sigh*

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