Azalea Pruning and Propagation Questions...

arabianqueen69(Zone 5)April 27, 2009

I have an Azalea bush that i inherited when i bought my house in 2006. It's planted up againt the back of my house. I'd like it to grow up instead of out, cause growing out makes it smash up against the house and interfere with the sidewalk in front of it. I really don't want to move it. So my question is is there a best way to prune it to make it grow upward and be more hedge like? Also when i do prune it can i propagate some of the cuttings by putting them in water until they root and then plant them?? Also what time of year is the best time to prune it. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions. :o)

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ibartoo(z8 sc)

I don't know if it is the best way, but I was always taught to prune the azaleas as within 6 weeks of the time they finish blooming. Also I have more success rooting the cuttings in soil than in water. Hope this helps. Linda

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Yes, always prune soon after they finish blooming. They form flower buds in mid summer so pruning later removes the next years flower buds.

Prune to the shape you want and slightly smaller. It will tend to fill in at that shape. You will have to do this each spring as it will keep trying to reach its natural shape which is to be wider than tall.

For information on rooting cuttings, visit:

Don Hyatt:

Azalea Society:

Steve Henning:

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arabianqueen69(Zone 5)

Thanks so much ibartoo and rhodyman for your help and suggestions! I'm so excited my azalea is about to show all it's glory with it's beautiful deep hot pink blooms, they are busting out waiting to open fully! :o)

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What is the name of your azalea?
It sounds like one that I have been searching for all over the place!
i see them in peoples yards in FULL bloom with barely a leaf, and yet all mine are not like this.
I think I am buying the wrong ones..

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I propagate my azaleas by lying a long stem of an azalea in the dirt. I scratch the stem to remove part of the woody covering to expose the green part of the stem. I then lay it down in the mulch or dirt and place a heavy rock on it. Within a few months, I cut it from the mother plant and carefully place the azaela in sandy potting soil to stimulate the roots. Keep the roots moist, and when the time is right plant it in the desired location. This works well will roses, clamatis, and boxwoods.

I don't buy these plants anymore, I just make my own. I have 5-10 establishing roots now. Once I remove the "new" plant from its mother plant, I immediately start another one. The best thing about this process is that its free.

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