Yellow leaves- please help

aggieroseApril 26, 2009

I have many azaleas that are about 10 years old and have always done well. One of them now looks terrible though. It's leaves have really thinned out and all of the remaining leaves are yellow/very light green. They are not "veiny" like they get if they need iron, just an overall bad color. Any suggesstions of what this plant needs? It just bloomed and it was covered in blooms. If I prune it back it will be just a large hunk of branches because it only has leaves on the outer 2-3 inches. The entire plant is about 5 feet tall. Thanks!

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Hello, aggierose. Have you done a soil check lately to see if there are any mineral (nitrogen, for example) or pH (too high) defficiencies?

Is this shrub getting too little or too much water? You can test soil to a depth of 4" with your finger to see if it feels wet, moist or dry. Azaleas need constant soil moisture and will suffer if they get dry spells in between waterings. Try watering when the soil feels almost dry. Then recheck when the temperatures change about 10-15 degrees and stay there. Since our winters can be dry at times, that means we have to water during the winter if there is no rain. I had to do that this this year. As always, keep them well mulched.

If the shrub is in a place where water tends to collect or the soil is very clayish, that would be bad as well.

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Hi Luis!

I have never done a soil test before. Is there something I can buy for this, or do I need to take a soil sample somewhere to have it tested?

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

A spoil test is in order since it is nutrient related. Probably nitrogen, magnesium, and/or pH. It could also be some micronutrients.

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