I planted my first azaleas and may have screwed up

sleepyhollow66April 30, 2009

I just bought my house last winter and was excited to do some landscaping this spring. I planted 2 Delaware Valley white and 3 Hot Shot azaleas 2 weeks ago. The Delaware Valley are filled with buds (as they were when I bought them) but the leaves are all droopy.

I planted them on a Friday and the following Monday-Weds it rained a total of close to 3 inches. Following that we had a couple day spell of close to 90 temps here in NY. I thought they were thirsty from the heat so made sure to keep them watered starting maybe that Sat or Sunday after the rain. They haven't shown any signs of improvement. Are they lost? Was it overwatering? Thanks!!

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most likely overwatering.

what is the condition of the area they were planted in? straight into the ground? in a flower bed? raised flower bed? any compost or mulch add? shady area or full sun?

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Recent transplants will not absorb water fast enough to keep up with the metabolic demands made by foliage in bright sunlight. The water is in the soil, and some of it gets up to the leaves, but not enough to prevent wilting. The solution is to shade the plant from sunlight, temporarily. The shade does not have to be 100% to be effective, just get something up during the sunniest part of the day. The roots will recover eventually, and gain the ability to absorb and transport sufficient water. This might take a week or two.

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