Incidental Amorphophallus titanum cutting advice

EythanJuly 13, 2011

My two A. titanum just arrived a couple of weeks ago and the sudden cold is turning them to a quick dormancy. One of them crumpled halfway down the petiole, because the weakened tissue couldn't support the leaf D:

At the point of the fold, the tissue had died a little bit, so there was no living tissue connecting the top half of the leaf to the rest of the petiole and tuber.

The top half was still green, pretty tough and full of 'juice', so I figured it'd be a huge shame to let all those nutrients go to waste.

Let me know if this was the right thing to do:

1- I cleaned the dead tissue off the lower half, and it's now a clean, dry scab.

2- I cut the dead tissue off the top half, exposing the 'juicy' tissue.

3 - I dunked the juicy end into a sachet of rooting hormone (powder).

4 - I put the powdered end back into the coir/sphag mix.

Will this produce a new tuber?

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

You will need to keep cuttings very warm and humid .
Usually the cuttings are sections of the top part of the leaf.

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peeper(z8B SC)

The times that I have heard of leaf cuttings successfully producing tubers was with leaf nodes such as the center and where each leaf branches. I have never heard of them rooting from the stem. you may want to see if you have any callusing of the stem now. If not I would take the nodes and dip them in rooting hormones, put them in perlite and keep them very warm and moist.

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I have sucessfuly rooted a leaf cutting. I used a 6" piece of leaf (back to the node)about 4 weeks after the leaf was completely unfolded, dipped in Rootone, in a closed terrarium, at a constant 84 deg, under 12 hrs flourecent light.

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great info ..much thanks.. anyone have idea how long from
rooted leaf to a small tuber? or personal experience?
i only just started with sure im hooked..LOL
i have konjacs.. but would like to try with titanum..just
$$$ for tubers are pretty high..especially tubers of any
much thanks to postings here!!!!
looking foward to future postings and progress....

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