monstera dubia

artur0July 15, 2007

me = want

Monstera Dubia

what is relation if any to satin pothos aka scindapsus pictus argyraeus/exotica?

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raymikematt(z7b SC)

No real relation other than both Monstera and Scindapsus are in the family Araceae and tribe Monstereae. They are both similar in that they start out life as shingle plants, with leaves appressed to the growing surface. Monstera dubia, however, changes leaf shape and growth habit after it climbs some up a tree. It starts developing larger perforated leaves without variegation and without the shingling habit. Scindapsus pictus is neotonous, remaining in its "juvenile" form its entire life. Another difference is Monstera is a wholly Neotropical genus while Scindapsus, Asian.
Check Ebay now and then, Brian W. occassionally has Monstera dubia for sale.
Michael M.

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Wow Michael! Great response! I'll copy this and add to my notes.

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