Dying azalea plant!!

amck5000April 23, 2013

Please help!! I bought a beautiful potted azalea plant a week ago and planted it in the soil in the flower bed. Now it is dying very quickly. I have watered it every day and the soil has stayed moist. It is in the front yard where plenty of light can get to it. The leaves are not wilting yet but the flowers are all drooping and dead. Please help me save my plant :(

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A few things.

The shock of planting will make the flowers drop, especially if the root ball is loosened some (which should be done btw).

No need to over water. Every three or four days until it adjusts should be plenty.

Azaleas and rhodos are sensitive to the chlorine in some municipal tap waters. Either try to use water from a rain catchment system or water if only absolutely necessary.

Don't over fertilize or feed.

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