a. bulbifer/konjac /paeoniifolius culture questions

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)July 21, 2007

How large does bulbifer have to be to bloom? How about Konjac or paeoniifolius? I have a large 8" paeoniifolius that hasn't bloomed yet.

My concern with the paeoniifolius is that it is prone to rot during dormancy, and I would appreciate advice on how to treat it during dormancy. I had started several nice seedlings last year that all rotted out *after* I planted them in the Spring. Moderate moisture, good quality potting mix, bottom warmth, etc. did not prevent it...

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

--Rick in CT

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I stored my A. paeonifolius out of the soil in a cool dark place and just wait for it to start growing again before potting up.

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My Peoniifolius bloomed in the spring after this photo. I remove mine from their pots in the late fall, dip them in fungucides, then store in a cardboard box. About half of mine develop rot over the winter. In the spring I cut out the rotted portion, treat with fungicide powder, then repot. BTW I'm 6'2"

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