A perspective on my Rh. Taurus

Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)April 25, 2013

my good buddy Cal ( a 96lb'er) providing a measure of scale

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

I love both! Great picture!

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

Taurus is nice. For some reason, though it is said to be practically identical, a Grace Seabrook I have is not quite the same shade of red. Taurus seems a little better; G.s. seems slightly more purplish. Though not nearly as bad as Nova Zembla, Francesca, et al. Still red. I still notice a mystifying effect w/rhodies that I don't see w/other flowers, where their red shades (only) seem slightly "metameric" with respect to distance; close up they can seem to have a more purplish cast that you don't notice if you are 20+ ft. away. I wonder if there could be a near ultraviolet flavonoid that one's eyes can only pick up at a close distance. 'Britton Hill' is the most noticeable. I like the look of the plant when I'm seeing it from a distance, I do not like it close up. However, it has some of the most gorgeous foliage of any rhodie in my garden (I once had ~ 100 varities) so is worth growing for that reason alone. Perhaps more plausibly my pupils are more dilated when viewing it from a distance, and this somehow affects its apparent color.

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