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diggerb2(z5oh)April 27, 2006

I'm looking for the most fragrant azalea/rhodie i can get to grow in my zone 5 garden (although people keep telling my NEOhio is zone 6). going to have to like the shade under a high limbed hickory tree, and behind the redbud tree. no real color preference-- i'm going for good smell

thanks for your suggestions


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You can go to Roslyn Nursery on the web and get a list of deciduous azaleas that are fragrant. Go to
and click the link that says "Catalog Index";
then click on Azaleas Deciduous.

Another suggestion is to check the list of Azaleas in Singing Tree Gardens Website:

Good luck hunting,

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I have read every article on 'most fragrant rhododendrons'. The one that is always mentioned as enveloping the entire garden is 'Dexter's Honeydew'. The problem is - I cannot find a breeder who can import it to CA. Rare Find cannot ship to CA. The rhododendron breeders in CA, WA and OR seem to never have heard of it. Can anyone tell me where to find this on the mail order circuit. I am only going to plant something that is scenting the garden. If you have another variety that is as scentsational - please let me know.

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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

'Dexter's Honeydew'is quite fragrant, but "enveloping the entire garden" is more than a little exaggerated in my experience. It would also be of marginal hardiness in a Z5 climate.

Two broadleaf evergreen rhododendrons with good, if not overwhelming fragrance, and Z5 hardiness are 'Caroline' and 'Cadis'. No doubt there are more.

There are even more possibilities within the deciduous azaleas. The most fragrant one in my experience is 'Viscosepalum'.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Have you ever heard of the problems associated with Black Walnut trees? They produce an allelopathic (toxic to other plant species) substance in their roots, leaves, branches, and hulls. This substance is called Juglone. Black Walnut belongs to the Juglandaceae family. Many other trees within that same family produce lesser amounts of this allelopathic substance, mostly in their nut hulls and shell and leaves. Rain water run-off from the canopy can even affect plants struggling under some of these trees. Hickories belong to this family of nut trees. AND...the end of my little story is: azaleas are very sensitive to juglone.

Just a warning....something to think about that most people aren't aware of.

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davidrt28 (zone 7)

This thread is like something out of the twilight zone.

It's the OP who's in zn 5, not joa456.

Joa456, there should be several varieties that you can grow in California that are even more fragrant than "Dexter's Honeydew". This plant is mainly notable for being a Dexter hybrid, a group tough enough to survive East Coast conditions. So, it's the "most fragrant rhododendron that can be grown over a reasonably large swath of the USA", not the "most fragrant of all". You might want to ask Singing Tree nursery, since they are in California. Certainly, if you're in zn 9 or 10 in coastal Northern California, you should be able to grow one of the Maddenia series, some of which are considered the ultimate in Rhododendron fragrance. Such as the variety named "Heaven Scent".

Here is a link that might be useful:

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