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claudosu(z7 OK)July 13, 2005

I need help determining the name of this philodendron that I bought a while back. It has fairly large spade-shaped leaves, with an average center length of 6 inches but it can usually get bigger than that. The leaves are a deep olive green color, but when they are new they are dark red and eventually ligthen to the green. The stems are a beautiful red like that of a beet. they are pretty thick too, and when they mature they start lightening in color, the oldest stems towards the base are light brown and woody. It also has areal roots that grow around the end of the stem segments. these roots make this plant extremely easy to propagate, I propagated it at the first try with only one cutting. Oh, yeah, and no flowers.

I went a bought it a while back, but the owner of the nursery wasn't there at the time, so the guy who sold it to me just called it a philodendron. Even though the nursery is really cool and has lots of awesome tropical plants that were grown there, they tend to lack name tags and stuff.

So, if anybody knows what the name of this philo, I'd be most grateful for the info. Thx.

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Hey, Claudosu! You must live near Stillwater? I'm in Oklahoma City. I do not know much about Philodendrums, but if you look on the website, if you don't find a picture in the gallery, they list many websites that you could visit to ID your plant. I scanned it quickly and saw about 3 that resemble the plant you mention.

You might also try the houseplant forum here, since most of these are treated as indoor plants.


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claudosu(z7 OK)

Thanks Susanlynne48, I went to and found the type that I have, though it doesn't have a specific identification. Here's the link to the photo, in case somebody knows what type it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: philo that is same type as mine.

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