Is Alocasia 'Polly' self-fertile?

luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)July 22, 2005

My 'Polly' bloomed for me recently, and the bloom has faded, but i get the impression that it might be forming a seed pod. Does anyone know if it's self-fertile?

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luxum(9/10 Tampa FL)

Hmm, guess no one knows. We shall see i suppose.

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parhelia(z7 OK)

hi luxum,

i think my polly is about to bloom. what did your bloom look like? we're curious! lol

did it form a seed pod? my coworker is very excited by the possibility of seeds from this plant.


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btropical256(7a Philadelphia PA)

Actually it is because i pollinated mine and it did produce berrys after about 6 months later.

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