Yellow rhodie

Zyperiris(Seattle)April 11, 2010

I need suggestions for a 3-4 ft rhodie..a bright yellow..any suggestions? Photos would be great

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

'Hotei'. Not what I would call a bright yellow, but definitely a true yellow.

As implied by the cultivar name.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

You live in an ideal area for yellow rhododendrons. They do not do well in cold climates or hot/moist climates. There are a few that vary in color intensity from creamy yellow to vivid yellow. Here is a list from Greer Gardens in Eugene, Oregon:

Chikor 18", 0F, EM, 4-5/4. A fine, true yellow dwarf rhododendron from Peter Cox. The intricate, twiggy stems make this plant appear like a tree in miniature. Winter weather brings a bronze-red coloration to the foliage that contrasts well with accompanying winter greens. A well drained location and good light exposure are a must.

'Cream Crest' 3Â, 0oF, EM, 3/3-4. Compact in habit, likes the sun, has good foliage, is hardy and vigorous, and has alluring, bright, creamy yellow flowers.

ÂCurlew 18", -5oF, EM, 4-5/4-5. Peter CoxÂs yellow dwarf rhododendron. Large, beautiful, bright yellow flowers bounce amid tiny shamrock green leaves. Fertilize sparingly.

ÂHong Kong Â, -20oF, ML, 3/3. Glossy green leaves cover this well branched, broad growing, hardy plant. The bright primrose-yellow flowers have a greenish-yellow blotch. A very popular plant!

R. Luteum 4Â, -15oF, M-L, 3-4/3. A deciduous shrub with an open, upright habit. The oblong leaves to 5" long are sparsely covered on both sides with stiff, flat hairs. The delightful, fragrant, 2" yellow flowers open before the leaves. These tubular-shaped blooms are extremely sticky on the outside and are carried in trusses of up to 12 blooms. Very, very nice.

ÂPatty Bee 18", -10oF, EM, 5/4-5. A compact plant heavily clothed with inch long, fir green leaves. In winter the foliage turns a delightful maroon red. When spring arrives, even very young plants will be covered with masses of bright lemon yellow. The flowers are quite large for the plant. ItÂs a vigorous plant that grows well!

ÂPrincess Anne 2Â, -10oF, EM, 4/4. It is a beautiful yellow with a slight greenish cast. It was registered by Reuthe in England and has just recently been introduced in the United States. Foliage turns various shades of bronze depending on the weather. Compact plant habit. A fantastic plant for both foliage and flower.

Sunspray 6Â, -5oF, M, 5/3-4. Imagine a rhododendron with flowers even more yellow and larger than those of ÂCrestÂ, with better foliage, better habit, and you have ÂSunsprayÂ. The voluptuous trusses are such a pure and true yellow that they would put a lemon to shame. Lovely wide leaves 6" long fully clothe the branches, and they donÂt have the tendency to roll and droop in the winter the way ÂCrest does.

ÂTow Head 1Â, -15oF, EM, 3/4. The flowers on this little beauty are a brilliant greenish yellow with orange-yellow spotting on the dorsal lobe. The plant is twice as wide as it is tall. A David Leach hybrid.

ÂUnique 4Â, -5oF, EM, 3/4-5. ÂUnique is unique! We really like its attractive, smooth, oblong leaves. They are so dense on the rounded plant that it becomes a thick mound of clover green. In the spring, the buds burst forth a bright pink which open to beautiful buttery cream flowers. Older plants become so covered with flowers that every leaf is hidden.

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mainegrower(Z5b ME)

I'd also suggest 'Goldkrone" from Hachmann's nursery in Germany. Compact, relatively low growing plant with lots of bright, clear yellow flowers. Has done very well for me and is fully bud hardy to at least -5

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

I would suggest burmanicum which is bright sulphur yellow and in bloom in Northern California right now. It is a plant of small stature and delicate leaf form.

Please don't overlook the species rhododendrons, there are several yellow ones and also a couple scented ones.

Although beautiful and one of my favorites, Unique is definitely not yellow.

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Burnamicum is a great species but has brown leaves, blooms very early when there is a high risk of getting frost bit, and is not very hardy, +15F.

Unique is cream colored as are many "yellows".

Goldkrone is a beautiful plant but needs protection from direct sun. Many nurseries will not sell it.

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Evening Glow is agood choice,very heat tolerant.I grow it here in zone 6 without any problems.You can get it from greer gardens or if you like to grow them up like i do you can get it as a liner from Van Veen nursey. Joe

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Evening Glow is a good Van Veen hybrid that needs some shade. I grew it for a while. On the south side of the house it developed lace bug and the only thing that was yellow was the leaves. Then moved it to the north side of the house and it died of winter damage. In zone 6 I would give it some shade and protect it from winter winds. You seldom see it grown on the East Coast.

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A little Blurry.

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still_kris(z17 NoCA)

I checked out my burmanicum again and it has green leaves except when they are new and then it is more of a bronzed effect than being brown. As far as hardiness, it has been into the low 20s and even into the teens since I have had my plant and I have never seen evidence of freezing. It snowed on 4/2 this year and still it appears in pristine condition.

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