purple blooming azalea with Kurume 'Snow'

katrina1(OK)April 13, 2006

My Kurume 'Snow' azaleas were covered with a blanket of white flowers for about 2 weeks, but now the blooms have turned a soft amber shade. The two red blooming azalea plants I mixed with them after they finished blooming last year have this spring bloomed at the same time as my 'Snow' azaleas bloomed. They are strikingly beautiful together with the white 'Snow' blooms, but when the white blooms change to the light amber color the red seems less than compatable.

I now want to move those two wonderful red bloomers and put maybe a purple bloomer or other blooming color which will bloom at the same time as the Kurume 'Snow' and stay about the same potential size.

Does any one have suggestions for such of an azalea cultivar they think will look just as strikingly pretty contrasting with the white as it does when the 'Snow' blooms change to that light amber color?

The Amber color on the 'Snow's blooms seems to end up lasting almost twice as long as the same blooms stayed white. So I guess the substitute bloomer needs to also bloom around 4 weeks or more.

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