Help Rhododendron Disease / Parasite ?

zooba72April 27, 2013

Hello Everyone, I live on Long Island (Zone 7) and have several Rhododendron plants that have some discoloration and holes in the leaves. These plants were here when I purchased the home so I cannot comment on the age. They appeared healthy all of last year and throughout the winter. I've attached a picture (not sure how to attach multiple?), I canâÂÂt seem to find anything that matches this on the Internet. It's not effecting the entire plant, but all three have leaves that look similar. I was actually planning on doing a heavy pruning of these rhodos after the bloom. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Thank you!

I have some additional pictures.

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The photo shows areas of necrotic tissue. There can be a number of causes for this. Winter sun/wind/cold damage is probably the most common. When the leaves roll tightly in response to cold temperatures, the area along the leaf midrib is left exposed and causes areas of leaf tissue to dry out severely and die. Caterpillars can also be a cause as can some fungal infections. All in all, the leaves look quite healthy so physiological winter damage seems the most likely cause.

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Thank you very much for your response. We did have a rough winter and these plants are sometimes subjected to high winds. I agree he overall condition appears healthy, but I was concerned that the discoloration might be the beginning of a disease.

I appreciate you providing your opinion. Thanks

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