Need Autumn Encore Azalea Info

suel41452April 18, 2006

I purchased 4 Autumn Encore azaleas and can't decide where to plant.

Can they take full sun in a 6/7 zone in Roanoke, VA? I want to get as much bloom as possible, but our summers can get awfully hot.

Can they be planted on a slope?

Do these azaleas really get 4.5 feet high (and how long would that take) in a 6/7 zone?

And can they be planted 3 ft. apart as a "hedge" if they are supposed to get 4 feet wide?

Thanx for any advice!

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rhodyman(SE PA, USDA Z6)

Encore has a website for their azaleas:

Here is a link that might be useful: Encore Azaleas

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Hello, suel41452. You know, I would hesitate to plant them in full sun but then again, I live in Texas. It seems the further north one plants, the lesser of a problem Full Sun Exposure becomes for some azaleas. But I am afraid that everything would start fine and then, in the summer, I would forget and find them dead.

You can, of course, experiment. Plant them in the location you are considering and replant them if you later decide that the plants are stressed. Monitor ALL FOUR AZALEAS every other day to see how goes it.

When I lived in Georgia, I saw plenty of 4.5' tall azaleas. I don't know how tall they get in zone 6 though. Since they are not rapid growers like roses, it could take quite a few years for a 1-gallon plant to achieve that height. I have not measured the amount of growth of my Encores from one year to the next but, I would guess they have only grown a little... one or two inches a year, perhaps? That is a completely unscientific guesstimate on my part.

As for planting on a slope, all things being equal, you may get good drainage in that location. I have not tried to make hedges using azaleas so check the information on the website that rhodyman suggested. They may even have a Customer Assistance Telephone or email where you could directly ask them that question.

Good luck with your new plants, suel41452!

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Thanx Luis and Rhodyman! Since the roots are so shallow and they grow so slowly they should be easy to transplant. I'll try them in part sun and see how they bloom.

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I have had some in the full sun for several years. They have bloomed every year, several times a year. Be sure to keep them watered and fertilized.

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I just purchased some Encore Autumn 'Royalty' and their tag says to plant them in part shade to full sun in slightly acidic soil. I also think that I remember reading from the Encore web site that the Southernmost regions with higher USDA zones, should plant them in a location where they will receive afternoon shade.

Since they are supposed to be able to bloom three times each year, it makes sense that they would need more sun than shade in not too extreme conditions.

I also read that they are only cold hardy to USDA zone 7. Since that is the case, I would definately plant them in a warmer and more sheltered from cold winter winds area of my property. Then again I would also consider taking added measures to protect them, any time from Nov. through Feb. whenever the forecast predicts single digit temps which might, on a rare occasion drop below 0.

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autumnmoon(6a/se ks)

I work at a nursery and we sell encore azaleas, so of course I bought three last year to try out (because they are way more expensive than girards but I get a good discount)..Btw we are zone 6b.. but I like to push my limits :D

I bought three different kinds.. and have had difference levels of success with each one.

I have autumn sweetheart.. I originally bought this one because even when NOT in bloom, it was a very pretty plant in shape and form. It has nice foliage when not in bloom. It still looks gorgeous, took the winter well, retained all its foliage and is in full bloom. The blooms are pretty, white with tinges and stripes of light pink throughout.

Autumn Twist lost a few leaves, but looks pretty much ok. Is putting on new leaves where it lost them over the winter. Is also in full bloom. This is a very gorgeous bloom, white/light pink tinged with dark violet pink.

Autumn Royalty, lost all leaves, but isnt dead. Is putting on new leaves, but no chances of it blooming at least this spring. Also very pretty if it were to bloom. Large dark violet pink blooms.

If I were to suggest one of the three for the northern parts of its growing area, from my experience with them, I would reccommend The autumn sweetheart.

Just my two cents :D

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Thanx for all the info, y'all! Glad to hear Autumn Sweetheart and Autumn Twist are nice because those are 2 of the 4 I purchased!

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I checked with the encore website; the person responding insisted the encores should be planted in full sun. She said they would not bloom if they didn't get 6 hours of sun.

However, my five did so poorly in the sun and the Oklahoma south wind, I moved them to East and north sides of house. The plants look much better. I don't know if they will ever bloom again.

The tags say full sun. Before moving them I check with 5 nurseries in Oklahoma. They all said not to plant them in full sun.

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I bought two encores last year and left them in the pot from the nursery for maybe 3 or 4 months while I tried them out in two different spots. They were not happy with 3-4 hrs of morning sun followed by deep shade, but they perked right up when I put them under a tree at an outer corner of the house. They're next to a driveway and under a shade tree. As far as I can tell they get NO direct sunlight. Instead they get blazing, blistering, blinding hot afternoon Houston sun, apparently reflected from the concrete. Oddly enough, the one that's doing best has a tiny bit more shade. The other had pests (now gone) and remains smaller with fewer blooms. They started blooming a month ago and survived one light-frost night without losing their blooms.

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