Store-bought potting mix suggestions?

LibbyLizJuly 24, 2006

This past spring I repotted all my aroids in Scotts with something for root growth because the mix I was using before was going dry too fast between waterings. I think it was Schultz.

Well, the Scotts is too.

I need suggestions for store-bought potting mixes that'll keep my syngoniums, monsteras, scindapsus', aglaonemas, anthurium, ZZ & philos happy in the high desert, supposedly alkaline environment.

Would Miracle Gro Moisture Retention be too heavy?

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randy_e(z9b FL)

I like Naturize brand soil but I don't think they have it that far west yet. Junglemix that I get in Lowes is pretty good stuff.

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Look for a potting mix that says 'professional' on the bag.
This is a light mix, and will contain Canadian sphagnum peat moss, usually some composted forest products, a small amount of perlite and/or vermiculite, and a wetting agent. It is not the cheap, heavy dirt-type stuff bagged by the pound. The 'professional' mixes are about as
water-retentive as you can get in a potting mix, being mostly peat moss. Be sure to use plastic pots. You might
consider finding some self-watering pots that have a wick
system in the bottom, these should keep pots constantly moist, I believe. Also, many Aroids will grow quite contentedly in water. Most Philodendrons and Syngoniums will adapt to this readily, and I believe Aglaonemas would be happy with this system too.

central Fla

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BTW, the Miracle Gro isn't Moisture Retention, it's Moisture Control. It has peat moss, coir pith, pine bark fines, perlite & a wetting agent, in that order, but no moisture crystals.

I've not seen either of those brands, anywhere in Yootah.   

I use plastic & glazed ceramic only. Is that okay? I do have just three terra cotta pots, two in use, that I sealed with, I think, a waterproofer. Though I guess the only way to make sure they're really waterproof is to have a ceramic shop glaze them. Since they're really nice pots I may have to clean them up real well & invest in such.
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