Overwintering A Borneo Giant

jurassicdarylJuly 11, 2007

How do I overwinter a borneo giant in zone 6a - Cincinnati, Ohio? I bought one from Brian's Botanicals in the early spring, potted it and finally planted it in the ground a month ago. Its finally starting to grow some but I don't expect it to get too big this year(?) unlike my other EEs that will be 7'. I've heard these can take a couple years...My "regular" EE's and up rights, I dig up and store the bulbs in a box in my basement. What should I do with the borneo? At some point, like next year, it will need to be in a location with more space... I have some other plants like musa basjoo that I cage & heavily mulch with pine needles for winter protection...I plan to do the same with my first windmill palm... this fall & probably cover that cage with plastic. Same approach???

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Borneos can be stored the same way as your other regular EE's, or you can pot them and keep them going near a sunny window. If you pot them, remember that the leaves die back below 45F so dig them up while they still look good.

The windmills will be risky, it's not the absolute low temp that's a problem, it's the sustained low temps that will set the plant back unless you protect it very well, with supplemental heating.

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Thx for the info on the borneo! I was going to try a heating cable or maybe xmas lights on the windmill. The place I bought the palm from keeps them in a cold frame(potted) over winter w/ no heat whatsoever(Louisville, Ky). I have talked to a couple of people in Cincinnati that do the same. Always risky...The odds of being successful here increase after the plant has been in the ground a few years & having mild winters certainly helps...unlike 2007... I'll be protecting mine for sure. Now if it were just alittle bigger I could and some Christmas ornaments...lol.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2006 Garden Timeline

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I have had mine in the house the whole winter. I live in Louisville, KY. They are by a sunny window. They are 5 ft. tall!!!

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