philo xanadu leaf spots

petrushkaJuly 16, 2013

I just got this plant and did not notice anything wrong in the shop. but in sunlight I saw strange little brown spots on the underside of the leaf: they are hard, not scratchable, not insects of any kind. on the top side they appear as small yellow spots. underside of the leaf sometimes has streaks of darker color like bruising.
spots are not mushy or wet, not blisters , just tiny hard flecks, like smallest scale, but it's not scale. in the sun you can see the spots clearly.
I am guessing it's smth bacterial? I submerged the plant in soapy water with a tb of peroxide. then sprayed with neem solution. cut off the oldest leaves which were yellowing a little. I will sprinkle systemic (imidacloprin) on it too.
any idea what it could be? I am keeping it separate from other plants. I want to cut off the worst affected leaves. the young ones seem to be ok for now.
very hard to get a close up.

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I had to kill off a colocasia recently that had mosaic virus..not sure if philos can get it but I think they can..look at some pics of philos with it and see if they look similar.

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I looked at tmv photos - the yellow streaks are quite large and irregular and spreading quickly. mine are very small barely noticeable spots, no spreading. I dont' think it's tmv.
also they said tmv affects young leaves - mine are clean.
I cut off as many old leaves as I dared: about a half. still have 3-5 that can go, but I am waiting for new leaves to get going before I cut those. 2 started.
the most visible damage on mine is on underside: there's a few clustered tiny bumps, like a rash near the yellow spots - makes me think insect of some kind. i put systemic granules on soil.
also repotted after 2 weeks , just watching for now.
they said if bacterial, keep it cooler and don't mist, in good light. which is what i am doing. hoping to outgrow it. i repotted in exoticrainforest jungle mix with double perlite for wicking (very drainable mix). thru in a few drops of superthrive in water. for now i water manually and just a bit.
also read about adding a little aspirin (1 tablet to a gallon) - to help raise plant defenses. figured, it can't hurt.

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