beachplant(9b)July 23, 2005

I've had a big A. Konjac for years in a pot in the back. This past year I acquired some more A. Konjac, A. bulbifer, A. paeoniifolis and an A. Titanium.

Now for my question. The A. Konjac I've had for years grows one big kind of curved c-shaped leaf, almost like the Dracunculus vulgaris leaf. The new A. Konjac bulbs that I just planted are sending up a kind of 3 leaf. BUT the A. Konjac, A. bulbifer bulbs I got a few months ago have the same big kind of c shaped leaves. They are definately different plants, the stems are different, and not dracunculus.

What's going on? What am I growing?

Tally HO!

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The C-shaped leaf you talk about sounds to me like Typhonium venosum. It is in the same family as amorphophallus and Dracunculus.. If you go on google and click images on the top menu bar ... type in the names of the plants you want to look for.. It will bring up pictures for you to get a look at.

As a rule .. Amorphophallus species have leaves with 3 arms on it. Typhponium venosum has a C shaped leaf on it.

Best bet is to google them.. I also reccomend looking around this site.. ... It is a great resource


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OK, they are Typhonium vewnosum. What the heck do I do with them? What kind of light? Fertilizer? Dormancy? I'm pissed now. I DON'T want this plant!! Much less 5 of them. Seems they like zone 5, really bad news for me as I'm zone 9b. I already wrote one of the vendors I bought them from, supposed to be reputable, HA!, and complained, I'll look up the other tonight and write them tomorrow to complain. Tally Ho!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Well, I must say, you would have to have your eyes closed to mistake an Amorph tuber from a Typhonium venosum....they look very different. The Amorphs you just got should be very easy for you, although I've heard from some people in South Florida that konjac is not as happy in the heat of West Palm Beach and south so I'm not sure how it will like your climate. Best of luck with the other problems :o) Dan

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