Azalea Elevation

bluesunflower(WA 7)May 10, 2009

This may sound like a silly question to some there an elevation that azaleas don't do well in? I live outside of Seattle, about a thousand feet up a mountain. I have lived here only a couple of years and I am learning that there is a difference in some things. For instance we got three feet of snow this winter when everyone else got a foot or less.

I am on my second set of little azaleas and they don't look like they are thriving. I think they probably have some winter damage. I can understand that I might need to cover them for the deep winter but if they are never going to be happy here I will stop torturing the little things.

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We are 1500 ft here and the only problem with azalea are the deer. Did you mean that you get 3 ft of snow when below gets a foot, or that your total snowfall for the year is 3 ft?
I planted a tiny little azalea last fall and it did survive the winter, and another one I have is 18 years old.
Are you sure the varieties you are buying are hardy to your zone? I always figure my 'zone' by what the coldest winter night can drop to - not what the maps say.

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bluesunflower(WA 7)

Woodthrush, thank you for replying!
I was talking 3 ft of snow all at once. In the Pacific NW we can usually count on some snow every winter but the amount differs widely. I am sorry to say that I don't know about the hardiness. Did the weekend gardener thing and just assumed it was all good. duh.

I will look for the tags from the purchase. I usually save all those. Then I will look into other considerations such as lighting and exposure. Thank you very much for your help.

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