Pachysandra under azaleas and rhodys

helenhycMay 2, 2009

I am a complete novice to gardens and the house we bought has the pachysandra coming right up to the rhodys (which has a lot of bare branches and brown leaves) and intertwined with azaleas (some looking very brown with few leaves and no blooms) and other shrubs (cherry laurel) and trees (cedar, oaks, pines, spruces, cherry).

Should I try to create a pachy free zone around any of these plants? I know that removing pachy is difficult (especially intertwined with the azaleas) so I'd rather not unless it really is affecting the health of these plants.

Thank you.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Probably there are other reasons why the rhododendrons and azaleas aren't up to par. The success of the pachysandra may be a result of them struggling rather than a cause. I'd pop a few of the smaller, more easily dug ones up and look at their rootballs. Maybe they have just gotten to be buried too deep, maybe the soil is too heavy, maybe...

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I don't think the pachy is hurting either the rhods or the azaleas other than they are competing for water, which could explain the brown leaves. Make sure you are providing them with ample water, including during the fall/winter. If you are seeing the rhods' leaves sort of fold in like closing an umbrella during very cold spells during the winter, that is usually a sign that they need water, but by then the ground is frozen and it is difficult to provide for their need.

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