Care of typhonium venosum

beachplant(9b)July 24, 2005

I purchased what was supposed to be amorphophallus konjac and a. bulbifer and got this!

How do I take care of it? The only posts I see are from people in zones 5 & 6. I'm zone 9b, hot, humid and semi-tropical. Are these just doomed here?

Sun? Fertilizer? Dormancy? Temp requirements?

I NEVER would have purchased this plant, it seems more of a northern thing, certainly wouldn't have potted them in pots on the deck.

Right now they get am sun, in the mix I use for my amorphs, watered when dry.

Thanks! Tally HO!

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I should have added that almost none of the Jack-in-the-pulpit will live here, too hot and humid.
Tally HO!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

It is a tropical plant!! We northern people like it because it makes a nice tropical look and is soooooo easy to grow. Put it in the ground and forget about it where you live. In a pot keep it moist like an Amorph and fertilize well, like an Amorph. The get out of its way since they reproduce soooo fast!!

Arisaema: Try some of the spectacular tropicals....there are many, but they are difficult to locate because most southern gardenres seem to love the large leaf plants I guess. How about a diminutive barnesii....maybe a sub-tropical variant of tortuosum. Perhaps an album, maybe a cordatum (good luck finding it) or a fimbriata....there are many tropical Arisaema to be honest (rhizomatum just popped into my head)......I'm getting one in from Darwin, Aus in about a week, and more from Thailand later this fall because I like them....they are all tropical, but require serious work to find. Best of luck :o) Dan

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klavier(Z7 Baltimore)

See the "Sauromatums Everywhere" thread. It is very difficult to kill them, so you should have no problem growing them. They should be nick named the "Jack Rabbit Plant".

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Just throw it in a hole, better yet, just throw it! :) Arum

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I know that I like the bigger ones. Mainly because I am trying to fill up a huge back yard. Which reminds me, I need to fertilize with the Super Bloom again.

If I can just grow an arisaema - they keep disappearing on me.


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Hello, I have a question...

I have a t. venosum bulb that I got from a garage sale, tuber was 3 in. in diameter, flowering size. After it bloomed it produced 2 leaf stalks, with a third one on the way. And I was wondering, after reading conflicting advice about t. venosum sun exposure,does it do best in full sun or shade? This was my first year growing this plant and I have it under full sun right now. Small white patches are developing on one of the leaves. (This is not the "indian giant" variety, it is the true species.)

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Well, I kill few if any plants but this one would not grow for me. Not in the ground, not in pots, not in sun, shade....they did OK the first year, bulbs got smaller and less growth the second year and then they were none.
They are listed as zone 5-8 I think, whatever the heat and humidity did them in. I don't know anyone on the coast that has managed to grow these or Jack in the pulpits or their relatives. They will grow further inland like Conroe or North Houston but not here. Can't grow toad lilies either and I KNOW they grow just 80 miles inland.
Tally HO!

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