Anthurium ID please

tropicbreezentJuly 20, 2013

I have this Anthurium that I'm trying to get an ID for. The closest I can get to it is Anthurium furcatum. The nursery I originally got it from had it out in too much sun, the leaves were yellowing a bit. When I brought it home it went into shade and over a couple of days the leaves started looking greener (maybe because I was looking at them in shade rather than in stark sunlight, LOL).

The petioles are around 40 cms and so is the leaf blade (central one). Wondering if anyone can confirm the ID for it. I would also like to find out what it's optimum conditions/requirements are. There's really nothing on it on the internet. Thanks.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

ID of anthuriums is really tough lol I found a pic of both foliage and flower on "Equatorial exotics ". They are located in Queensland . Maybe they could help??
If I lived there would certainly visit the place lol What a list they have!!! gary

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Gary, it would blow your brain if you went there (and probably bank account). The property is set in a small valley with rainforest either sides, opening mainly to the north so sheltered from the main southerly winds. They're in the upper (narrower) end. The land slopes a bit but they have this huge shade house/area just full of every imaginable tropical plant. Arden and Chris run it, Chris also sells on Ebay (floramanic or something like that). But they both have "day jobs", I think he's a doctor but not sure what Chris does. They collect a lot from tropical/equatorial places. I've been there and bought stuff from them. Well worth a visit, but prior arrangements are needed.

I wouldn't be surprised if this plant originally came from them. My local nursery where I got it does a lot of business with them. But they also get a lot of stuff direct from Thailand, as well as other suppliers in Queensland.

Checked their site and the leaf in their photo looks like the new leaf did on my plant. It opens out more with age.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Since I'm 5/6000 miles away don't think a visit will happen lol but would be fantastic!! MORE than enough places to take my money locally anyway. Wife limits me to a max of 25 bucks Just recently bought a seedling white elephant palm for 22 lol The local botanic garden had 14,000 species at the last sale seems like enough choice?? Good luck with your ID. certainly a type of Anthurium i've never seen!! gary

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Anthurium arisaemoides?

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Gary, I know the feeling, too many plants, not enough money or space to put them. I've got a small White Elephant Palm, Kerriodoxa elegans, not quite trunking yet. There's a large, about 4 metre, one locally that I've seen. Looks quite impressive. Can't wait for mine to get that height, in another 20 to 30 years, LOL.

Thanks Asleep, but when I checked the images on the IAS site they're too different. The lobes on my leaves are much smaller and mine don't have that "netted" veining.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

20/30 years ??!!! Yikes lol. i have a J magnifica that is
15 years old and still under two feet lol. It was described as "slow" also
my order arrived last night and the only thing in it was the K. elegans . Has 5 fronds 3 are badly mangled and only seedling stage . Included a note which said that the rest of the order was not sent as they were damaged lol
Tempted to send it back but the newest frond is in good shape and they're tough to find Oh well another lesson in
"Don't buy anything without seeing it first!!"
Good luck with your ID gary

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Well, I have heard Kerriodoxa are slow growing. Unfortunate that yours didn't travel so well. But you're probably right about keeping it. Once it settles in it should come good. Mine gets filtered sun through tree canopy and is pretty well protected from wind. I'd still love to be able to get a J. magnifica, but they're just never available.

Back to the Anthurium, I've found a better ID, A. madisonianum. It matches virtually perfectly on the leaves. There was also a comment that it is closest to A. furcatum, but they then go on about the inflorescence. I don't have an inflorescence to check against.

They say it's an epiphyte, "stems green, ca. 20 cm long, ca. 3.5 cm diam." Mine doesn't have a stem and another growing tip is emerging from the side. What's worrying me is that it's in heavy soil. The nursery I got it from seems to have a habit of putting heavy soil in pots. Probably I should repot it in something like an orchid mix.

It's mid winter but it's growing reasonably well, despite the soil. They say it's "endemic to western Panama in premontane and lower montane rain forest at 450 to 2,200 m".

So, until I get an inflorescence to check out, it's going to have to be A. madisonianum.

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