Trading Alocasia plumbea for Other Purple

conroe_joe(9a)July 28, 2006

Hi Gang,

I have a couple of nice offsets of A. plumbea. The plant gets about 4 ft-tall and freezes back each year with frost; it is supposed to be hardy to USDA zone 7 (with care). The plant has leaves that are metallic-purple on the back with purple petioles. The offsets have 2-3 leaves that are 4-6 inches long with petioles ab out 10-12 inches long. The offsets have have some roots and their bases are 1-2 cm in diameter.

I'd like to trade my offsets for Alocasia wentii or other Alocasia that can take some frost, and which has some purple in it, or copper color, or burgundy, etc.

Send me an email if interested:



Conroe TX

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I have a very lg. Aroid to trade, I believe a member of the Borneo fm. email me I will send you a pict. thanks Kathy

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