What's up with this forum?????

Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)May 24, 2006

No activity (especially so during the peak period of bloom) whatsoever.

It seems that it's all about: my rhodie is yellowing, it's brittle and dry and dying.

Where are the pix showing the rest of us, some of the cultivars that we may not have and may seek out; Deadheading or not threads? Companion planting rhodies, etc.

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Hope this picture of my azalea cheers you up.

I too would love to see more pictures

Here is a link that might be useful:

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OK, here is Capistrano, true yellow, as claimed.

Azalea Elsie Lee,

Azalea 'Koromo Shikibu' (rh. macrosepalum),

'Persy Wiseman':

Baby 'Besse Howell' among deutzia gracilis 'Nana',

Couple of ancient azaleas (white is Delaware Valley White and had been pruned to about 5' every other year, red one is left to its own and about 7-8' tall and as wide):

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Beautiful plants ego45, truly gorgeous. Thanks very much for sharing the pictures!

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

And I thank you. My Capistrano is but a baby (4 yo) and is putting on nice growth on the north side of my home. It did not flower this year.

It's planted next to a 40 yo Nova Zembla. I do believe that Capistrano will go 'off' at the same time that NZ blooms. So I look foward to that combination in years to come.

Nice pics gentlemen.

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birdsong, though I don't have a Capistrano planted next to NZ, I do have it in a close vicinity of 'Rocket' (coral red) and those two look good together.
They bloom at the same time with Rocket being a few days ahead.
My NZ just showing buds color, but will not bloom for at least another week even though it is in a much sunnier position than Rocket and Capistrano.

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Birdsong, I was going to post a photo of my Ingrid Mehlquist, but I can't seem to keep the photo 'quality' when I resize my photos to make them small enough to post.

Beautiful photos, by the way, everyone... I do have a question for ego45, or you (or anyone else!) - in ego45's first photo - the Capistrano - I see the single, elongated leaf buds... Would you pinch these out because they are single? I've got similar buds on some of mine.

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I didn't pinched mine, but it looks like Capistrano will be substantialy leggy in a couple of years. Mine planted in location where it have room to be underplanted with one of the red evergreen azaleas blooming at the same time. In a mean time I just want it to grow.

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Ego - so I guess whether you pinch or not depends on how you want your rhododendron to grow and look. I think I gotcha. Thanks for your reply.

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magda(Z 5b/6aOnt Can)

I am wondering what happened with my pictures that I posted here yesterday???

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