new rhody garden help---please

marricgardensMay 27, 2009

We want to put up a garden shed and move my hostas in around it. I have decided to also move in some rhodos. Where I want to put these is in an area that has pine trees. We have already started cutting some of the lower branches to provide better light conditions, then we spent yesterday pulling out some of the old stumps. Once everything is out, we will amend the soil with lots of compost. Will the pine needles make the soil to acidic? I don't know too much about rhodos but they don't like harsh winter winds right? I was planning on placing the shed on the north side and the rhodos will go in front of it, sheltering them from the winds. This is an area with lots of wind so I don't think circulation will be a problem. Is there any other fertilizer I should work into the soil? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. Marg

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Amending the planting area with compost is a great start and your planning to give them protection from harshest winter winds sounds good. If planted in soil high in organic content (compost) that is acidic in ph they may need no other fertilizer, are not heavy feeding shrubs and fertilizing at planting time wouldn't be necessary.

Rhododendrons will normally coexist happily with oaks and pines in particular so no worries there.

I'm not clear on whether these are rhododendrons you already have and are moving or will be buying - if buying new be sure to look for those hardy to your winters. Plants listed in the Midwest Chapter section should come close to meeting your needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Proven Performers list

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Thanks for th advice. I do not yet have any rhodos but will have to buy one. I figure I can get one and see how it does and if it does well, I can get another. Thanks for the link, I will be checking it out. I have read that the PJM are the hardiest and was thinking of getting one of those. Marg

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