Which arum is it

karyn1(7a)July 9, 2006

I've had some arums in my yard for years and can't remember what the name is. The leaves are large, multi-lobed and sometimes spotted. It usually gets to be about 5' tall before blooming, although some of the babies are much shorter when they flower. The bloom, spath, whatever it's called is about 25" long and a deep burgandy color on the inside, green on the outside. After it's been open for a day it smells like rotting meat, from all the dead bugs collecting in the base I guess. When seeds develop they start off small and green but by the fall it looks like orange/red corn on the cob. Sorry I didn't take pics when they were in bloom.



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I have some Dracunculus vulgaris growing that sounds like what you are describing. Here is a picture taken this year of mine.

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It ain't me! :) Arum

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Thanks Jim, that's definitely it! I love the look on people's faces after they admire the blooms and come up to smell them. lol

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