Just got back from Brians Botanicals

miketropicAugust 25, 2012

Just got home from doing some things and I couldnt help but stop by Brians Botanicals..my trips are getting alot more frequent :)..He showed me some of the new things that will be relased soon and fought off my begging to take some of them home..I was super impressed and very excited for next summer..

I did manage to pick up a few things though while I was there

canna Australia

canna Musafolia

canna blueberry sparkler

canna strutgart

calo. Red Eye Gecko

calo. Lemon Lime Gecko

calo. Milky way

Musella lasiocarpa ( chinese yellow banana )

I held off the urge to come home with more lol but I have to save somthing for the next trip.. will post pics tomm. I have been now many times and I always see somthing I missed last time and somthing new I always want to bring home

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Martina DeLuca

You're lucky you are close. I know I could find some Aroids I "need" there.

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well I guess you got the good climate and I got the good greenhouse to bad you can't ship a zone 9B like you can aroids LOL

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anyone care to assist me in how to post multiple pics in one message to the board. been trying for a little while now with no success

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You can do it one each on multiple posts. Otherwise you need to subscribe to a site like Picassa, Photobucket or other photo storage sites and then link them on your post. There's a couple of threads on this site which give detailed instructions. Try the "Test Forum" for starters:

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Martina DeLuca

True. However, you would be surprised the Aroids I can't grow here. I have to have a greenhouse as well because we can get down in the upper 20's to low 30's a few days in winter with many more days below 45 degrees......which most Aroids don't like.
I would love to see Brian's but he's not into Alocasias (non-hybrid). I've checked with him a few times to see if he has some that I'm looking for. He doesn't and neither does Enid with NSE tropicals. I need an Alocasia collector......lol

Would love to see your pics.

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true most of his aloc are hybrids and he is working on new ones right now.. I will be back there in a few weeks if there is anything I see that isn't hybrid I will ask about it

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ive bought plants and cooresponded with brian for yrs
hes a good man..good hybridizer..and plantsman!!
thing with my EE's theyve put off so many pups over the
yrs that i havent had to buy any for couple yrs ..
an excellent hybridizer of alocasias is lari ann gardner
down in miami area.. especially HUGE robusta hybrids..
check her plants out on aroidia research..
ive now gotten bit by the amorphophallus bug..and adding
to my ever growing collection..
theres a couple up in northern utah that are tropical "freaks" like me..LOL havent run into any ammorph
fans.. yet..

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Dear Brian,
I placed this order almost a year ago. I have been a gardener for almost 50 years, so I don't tend to give up on plants. I can bring almost anything back to life, take cuttings, etc but I have to tell you that I have been really disappointed with the plants I ordered from you. I have several kinds of Musa in my yard before I ordered yours that do just fine. Yours, not so much. After a year, they are not even 18" tall. The gingers and cannas are the same, sad little things. Not sure what else to say except I will never order from you again because I can't afford to make that expensive a mistake again.

Kathryn Hadley

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Did you actually try contacting brian thru email?

ive never had much trouble any of his plants, some are magnificent, but ive heard his customer service is great...

It seems borderline inappropriate to dig up an old thread and slam a reputable seller, and head it like a letter directed to brians mail.
I doubt seriously he will read your remark, but certainly his customers or potential costumers will, whats your objective?

ive also got to say hes been really nice to me personally, breeds great plants, that i love and so few people work with or release new varieties.
in regards to an expensive mistake...without even asking what you bought i can garantee brians price was better than 90% of his competition. Competition that are selling his ppaf plants... Shipping is awful but not his fualt, he combines and packs well.

Im lucky hes in my backyard! Im planning a trip as soon as I can manage it! no S/H :D
Ill leave with more than I plan to buy and need to come back and get more...

seriously kathryn this is gardenweb not brians site, instead of slandering him here (at the briansbotanicals fan club lol) have courtesy to let the seller make things
right in private, it seems likely the problem may not have been the plants...

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...and I got nothin left to say LOL.. If you have a problem with anything you got from him give him a call, he has a facebook page, a regular web page, email there are plenty of ways to contact him. as far as I know he dosen't even post on garden web anymore.

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I'm getting my delivery tomorrow:
Colo Electric Blue Gecko
Purple Giant
Puckered Up
Red Eyed Gecko
can't wait!

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you wont be dissapointed. red eye is very nice short and compact but does have heavy runners. the other 3 I have only seen the mother plant of before they were sent off for propegation and all were fantastic.

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met up with Brian today at the Yew Dell plant sale and grabbed a few things.. I would just like to add his bananas looked the picture of health and had I brought a truck would have came home with a couple. I really think all it boils down to khadley is you chose a poor spot/bad fertilizer/poor gardening practices and the plants just couldn't grow...not the fault of the supplier by any means so let not come on here with all that BS

This post was edited by miketropic on Sun, Apr 28, 13 at 10:26

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i know i sent out my gratitude to brian earlier.. ive learned so much from him..even has taken my phone calls..i am a
freak nut when comes to plants..and hes been so kind !!
as for his plants..he stands by what he sells..
ive never had trouble with his plants..and i have many of his from yrs ago...... but..if ya do have a problem..email him..whatever..hes a dude that will stand behind what he sells.. i have total trust in him..and his service..

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Brians a great bloke , but cannot help hopeless gardeners .

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

Woot my wife let me blow my bday money at Brian's
Fun trip!

Thanks to Brian and a sweet trade here on GW I doubled my EE species in a week
Had 16 types before now I got almost 40. : D

It's gunna be a jungle out there this year, if only some warmth would come by and make stuff grow more! Come on july

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