Evergreen Calla shade/light needs- Oregon zone 8

mossyardAugust 19, 2010

Hello! I am planning a garden at our just-built house, so I would love to hear what you more experienced gardeners would advise.

I hope to plant calla in my yard, and I need a short (3-4'?) evergreen privacy screen in front of a basement window. It is the east-facing side of the house that gets sun until about 1 or 2 pm. Would it sunburn the callas if I planted them there? Is there something that would work better?

Also, we are in zone 8 here, but last year's harsh winter has me looking for plants hardy to zone 7. Would the evergreen calla lily's foliage truly be evergreen over the winter?

If not, other suggestions welcome. Any evergreen lilies or a shrub that isn't so thick someone could hide behind it?


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Other option is I could plant Arum there with something else behind it that comes up during the warm months...???

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