P. gloriosum

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)August 7, 2013

anybody using this as a garden plant?? I want to grow it up a tree cassia but not sure of its cold hardiness and appears to be a creeper rather than climber. Also many i've seen lack the white veins is this a culture or type problem?? I'm assuming this will not become rampant as with many other philos?? if not suitable for this purpose can you suggest a type that is?? Not pothos llol will strangle the tree in a week lol Thanks gary

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Gary, I think Syngonium are much worse than E. aureum. Only got P. gloriosum a few months back so they're still small (we're still around the middle of winter, but heading for the exit). All the plants I've seen around the place seem to be creepers/ground covers rather than climbers. What I've got in trees is Philodendron lacerum. Looks great and isn't invasive.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Around here both are evil lol, the aureum produces more aerial roots which are MUCH harder to remove lol
If the glorisum creeps rather than climbs might be a better choice ,could always tie it up. Take it the leaves don't get larger as it extends?? Will check out the lacerum but the white veins on the gloriosum are fantastic!! Often see ones where the marking is weak or non existant though.
The pink form of the syngonium is very nice until it turns into a monster lol. I let them sprout and as soon as the pink is gone rip them out lol Like i have a choice lol Thanks for the info gary

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Found a variety of vanilla that not only had white edges but also a stripe of pink down the center. Understand it is much slower growing and even more reluctant to flower over the solid form but with those leaves doesn't really need flowers?? gary

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do you mean vanilla orchid?
if so here's a pic of the vine in RF orchids private garden in Redlands,fl (homestead) (I try to take a tour whenever I can) - up a palm. that's 7 year growth. and it does flower there. but Redlands is as far south as you can get, besides the keys, so that's probably an exception.
here's a link with write-up. on vanilla panifolia. they do say it flowers.

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I've got a stripy one, but no pink down the middle. But all the rest are plain green. They do flower well though.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have grown the plain green for many years . They need to get rather large to flower and then not in masses as many orchids .. I quit because they took up too much room . and certainly the plain jane of vining plants lol
the variagated forms occur in white as well as yellow edges . First time I've seen one with 3 colors so figured even if they don't flower will still be attractive and slow growing a definite advantage in that area..
In the same area as the pic you could have at least 25 types of epi's with flowers 10/11 months of the year lol
i'm growing phals epicatts ascocentum ,maxilaria and my fav brassidiums already. Have my eye on a Cochliostema jacobiana ( false bromeliad) for between the trees . have no experience with it but understand it is reluctant to grow epi in florida so will have it's pot lol
Thought a scant vine would add a bit of interest but can't be a pain jane lol . Since my canopy has regrown going to go wild with epi's lol. the cassia is providing almost ideal light conditions if it doesn't go wild with seeding lol

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can we see the pic of vanilla with pink stripe? and the orchids too, under canopy or on trunks?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

don't have a pic of the tri colored vanilla being offered by a local nusery . f Epicatt growing on caronbola tree
My oldest been on the tree for 7 years gary

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Don't know how to post more than one pic lol Epicatt growing on plumeria . gary

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i suspect that might be a V.ponpona . There are at least 7 species and maybe a dozen hybrids . I say that because pompona tends to be streaked like that. 3 types are native to florida but the only ones I've seen are the leafless types They can and do flower here BUT must get at least
7 feet long as well as the flower only last one day..
i've seen the variagates but have never grown them The tri color really caught my eye though gary

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Gary, I think that was the first one I got. Put it into a Ficus but it didn't do well for years. I suspected the Ficus was sucking the moisture/nutrients out of it. Recently put it on a dead stump and it's grown like crazy. Cops a lot of full sun but still copes, even if it looks a bit scorched. The full green one just fries in full sun.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i got my main planting for that area (cochliostema jacobiana ) It's already 4 feet by 3 wide lol So reconsidering vine for the back cassia . Thinking cissus amazonica or variagated form of Ficus pumula. would give the effect of "shingle" plants without those problems .
Suspect that they might get out of hand . Plans for some orchids and broms at the 6/8 foot level they will get priority
Suspect the P gloriosum is too sensitive and definitely too large I found a red form of a "shingle plant Raphidophora but thinking the east side of a schizolobium tree being pruned into a "palm form" Already started two forms of staghorns at the 10 foot level
along with some elkhorn ferns have some some small growing clumping broms that will go at the 4 foot level, mainly because i don't know where else to put them lol
i partially cleaned out my shadehouse and found 15 kinds i forgot I had lol Mostly small growing terrestrial "jewel orchids " I want a "moss garden " among the tree ferns so may put them there at least temporarily . This is so exciting like decorating a christmas tree lol Thanks gary

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