Amorphos in fall.

woodnative(6)August 17, 2005

I posted here before with an Amorphophalus question and thank you all for your help.

This is my first year with these guys and I have enjoyed them. My question is what will heppen in the fall. Do they stay green until frost kills the stem, or willthey begin to wither with the decreasing photoperiod?

After the stalk dies, should I dig up the tuber right away for storage? Do I need to let the tuber dry out first?


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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Not sure why no one has answered this. I am far from an expert so all I can tell you is what I do. Konjac is usually pretty well behaved and goes dormant with the onset of cool weather, mine is potted so I dig it out rinse it off and on the shelf in the basement it goes w/ dreams of a stinky March awakening. Some people leave them in the ground year 'round because they are pretty COLD hardy. What they are not is COLD and WET hardy, so keep 'em dry..

Some of my others (asterostigmatus, bulbifer etc.) got an early start and have gone or are going dormant now. Dunno what triggers dormancy but my guess is photoperiod. Some I will leave in the very dry soil in the pot, others I will lift. Dunni, Variabilis and some others were very late coming up and I will probably have to grow them on inside if I want to maximize tuber growth for next year. Some others (I hear titanum) just go dormant when they feel like it or if some physiological temperamental peculiarity or slight change in conditions triggers dormancy.

I guess the short answer is... depends on species and conditions. Hope this helps?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Maybe someone has some more/better info on this?

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