List of Evergreen Amorphophallus Species?

ogeckoAugust 21, 2007

I've seen references to "evergreen" Amorphophallus species here and there but I've been unable to find a list or table of which species typically go dormant and which don't - does anyone know of such a list / table? I could probably guess by geographical range but I'd rather take advantage of other people's experience! This is an issue for me this year because I've acquired a couple of species which are new to me and about which I'm unsure. My usual approach with the species that go dormant is to leave them outside until the foliage is completely dead (I grow in containers) but it's typically somewhat cold by then (perhaps in the high 40's F) and I'm afraid that the low temperatures will kill the "evergreen" species. Any help will be appreciated!

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The only 2 that I have that are "evergreen" are:

A. Titanum and
A. Verticillatus

Any others that are "evergreen" I am not aware of, you would think there are many.

I am fairly new to this genera and my rule of thumb here in zone 6b is to bring them inside when the nighttime temps reach around 45 F.

I have noticed that some go dormant inside right away and others take a few months to do so, in other words I really only have 2 Species that are in fact "evergreen".

If you do find such a list please post it.

Sorry I couldn't help much.

Have you tried joining the aroid-l mailing list and posing the question there?

you can find the link for the mailing list at the site.

I have been folowing all the threads and posing some questions there for about a year now. These are some of the brightest and most highly knowledgeable people you will ever meet when it comes to members of the Araceae family of plants.

Literally the best knowledge about Aroids in the world is shared on this list.

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Amorphophallus coaetaneus, one of the most primitive species of Amorphophallus, is evergreen. I grow it outdoors all year in the shade, under an eve. A great species.

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